Information Design website

Sticky notes on the floor and table.
Concepting involved a lot of whiteboard and sticky notes sessions.
Deciding on the content, information architecture and navigation.
Responsive design was one of the main requirements.

The biggest project of my studies was the redesign of the information design minor website. In a group of five students, we started analyzing the current website and researching our target group, trends in web design and websites of similar degrees and agencies.

Based on our results we built an information architecture and created rough personas to represent our main users, and scenarios to test our design decisions. We did extensive research on the content as well and took photos, wrote the copy and designed an icon set.

We started with sketches on paper and mockups in InDesign and Illustrator and kept making changes even while coding the website, using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery.

Our prototype won the pitch and is now the official information design website.

Research, Concept, UX, Prototyping, UI

Group project with Fabian, Mai, Mirjam and Verena.

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