Ready To Code

Our Vision: Equality and Empowerment
Our vision: Equal opportunities for everyone, resulting in more women in tech.
We want to accompany girls on the journey of becoming developers
Our mission: Accompanying girls and women on their journey towards a career in tech.
The three job areas we currently focus on.
Because most jobs in tech are new and not visible to girls whose parents don't work in tech, we introduce different areas and invite experts.

Ready to Code is an initiative that we founded to inspire more girls and women to work in tech. Our workshops are as much about technical skills as they are about creativity, critical thinking, bravery and team spirit. We ran our first basic web design workshop for girls in January 2018 and since June 2018 we are part of the Wirkungs­schaffer scholarship at the Social Impact Lab in Stuttgart.

We support Hackerstolz Women in organizing the Female's Favour{IT}e Conference in Mannheim and once a month we meet with other women in IT for Cocktails & Code.

We are always looking for people who want to support us! If you would like to run a workshop, talk at the conference, sponsor an event or just say Hi, I'd love to hear from you!

Social Innovation, Concept

Team members: Elena Riedlinger und Immanuel von Detten

In collaboration with: Das Mitte, Social Impact Lab Stuttgart

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